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Professional industrial automation products · engineering · service

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Professional industrial automation products · engineering · service

Company introduction

Guangdong macro Industrial Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise based on the field of industrial automation, providing customers with professional solutions, a wide range of automated products, and contract engineering projects. Acer has maintained a business relationship with outstanding companies in the field of industrial automation, integrating well-known brands in the field, and is committed to creating a full range of automated solutions to help customers improve productivity. With the advantages of channels and sound management, we serve the fields of petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, paper making, food, medicine, textile, environmental protection, public utilities and so on.

Scope of business

  • Trade agent
  • software development
  • General contracting service
  • Rubber parts manufacturing
  • Mechanical equipment leasing
  • Valve and faucet manufacturing
  • Biotechnology development services
  • Information system integration service
  • Engineering project management service
  • Communication facilities installation services
  • Pump and vacuum equipment manufacturing
  • New material technology development service
  • Manufacture of electronic measuring instruments
  • Distribution switch control equipment manufacturing
  • Manufacturing of industrial automatic control systems
  • Environmental protection technology development service
  • Computer applications, electronic equipment manufacturing
  • Manufacture of rubber products for daily use and medical use
  • Power transmission facilities installation services
  • Commodity wholesale trade (except for licensed commodities)
  • Filling and palletizing system, handling equipment manufacturing
  • Installation services for pipeline installations (oil, gas and water pipelines)
  • Building air conditioning equipment, ventilation system installation services
  • Design, construction and maintenance of safety technology prevention system
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic manufacturing of power machinery and components
  • Research and development of electronic, communication and automatic control technology
  • Mechanical technology development services; energy technology research and technology development services;
  • Product supplier

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    Professional industrial automation products · engineering · service

    • Beijing and road snow ice cream automation control system
    • Beijing Sanyuan Dairy Automation Control System
    • Beijing Hormel refrigeration automation control system
    • ft East Xinhua Pharmaceutical Automation Control System
    • Kunming coking gas plant coke oven automation control system
    • ft West Tianji Chemical 40-60 Automation Control System
    • Kou line oil pipeline automation and control systems

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    Professional industrial automation products · engineering · service


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